Module type CmdlineArgs.Customization

module type Customization = sig .. end

val allow_long_start_with_single_dash : bool
Whether long forms like "-single-dash" are permitted.
val default_long_prefix : string
Prepended to long forms if given without a leading dash.
val allow_contracted_shorts : bool
Whether "-abc" is interpreted as "-a -b -c". If there is long form named exactly "-abc", it is chosen instead of contracted short forms, regardless this setting.
val parameter_placement_short : CmdlineArgs.parameter_placement_short
How parameter is put after an option in short form in the command line.
val parameter_placement_long : CmdlineArgs.parameter_placement_long
How parameter is put after an option in long form in the command line.
val enforce_single_byte_shorts : bool
If set, short forms made of more than one byte are rejected as invalid by the constructor functions (like oConst). If not set, one can have not only any single unicode character as a short form, but also many characters would be accepted.