Module CmdlineArgs.S.Nroff

module Nroff: sig .. end

val format_options : CmdlineArgs.S.Summary.section list -> HSimpleDoc.item list
Intermediate form of the table of options.
val simple_usage_synopsis_of_string : string list -> HSimpleDoc.text list
Guesses some formatting of lines of usage examples and translates to HSimpleDoc form. For more precise formatting, directly create HSimpleDoc text instead.
val format_manual : ?manpage_section:string ->
(string * string list) list ->
HSimpleDoc.text list ->
string -> CmdlineArgs.S.Summary.section list -> string
format_manual ?(manpage_section="1") raw_manual_sections usage_synopsis version_string summary generates a manpage. raw_manual_sections are given as a list of (title, section_lines).

The manual sections SYNOPSIS and OPTIONS are treated specially. Other sections are given in a form of plain text (these are DESCRIPTION, OVERVIEW, AUTHOR, REPORTING BUGS, COPYRIGHT and SEE ALSO).